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Grace Community Baptist Church - Explore Your Faith

At Grace Community we Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. Everything we do, every time we gather – whether it’s singing, praying, teaching, giving, interacting, or serving – reflects God’s love to all. And our love for Him.

At the center of it all is God’s word. We’ll share a message with you about the issues we face, and the truth of the Bible about those issues.

Join us for worship Sundays at 11:00 a. m. as we show our love for the one true God!

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Quick Overview First Week

Found and bought the van. Loaded up with veggies, fish, and more in Baguio. Visited Prescila’s in-laws. Carried a bus load of kids to and from school during the...

Josue Andrade & Family

Honduras, Central America “When they were leaving, the water was up to their throats!” Josue Andrade is a young, zealous pastor working in Honduras, Central...

San Manuel Scenes

Scenes from San Manuel, Nueva Ecija, Republic of the Philippines. I was introduced to a loving family of Filipinos. This video introduced my church to them. Video by...

The Gospel Call

The gospel call … How do you answer a friend who asks, “Why are you a Christian?” The apostle Peter commands us to be ready to give an answer “to...

Bible Study

Would you like to go deeper in your understanding of the Word?  The Holy Spirit may be calling you to God’s work.

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Sunday Morning