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Quick Overview First Week

Found and bought the van. Loaded up with veggies, fish, and more in Baguio. Visited Prescila’s in-laws. Carried a bus load of kids to and from school during the Signal One typhoon. Fit 14 people in an 11 passenger van!

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Praying the Scripture

From Pastor Gene’s sermon 8/8/21. Nancy asked me if I could post it. What a great idea. Gene said it was in his desk … and as he was working on today’s message, which included writing your prayers out and journaling, he used this old prayer as a [great] example. I think...

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Josue Andrade & Family

Honduras, Central America “When they were leaving, the water was up to their throats!” Josue Andrade is a young, zealous pastor working in Honduras, Central America. His most recent newsletter tells of two hurricanes that passed through his country. In November another...

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Governor’s Prayer for Nueva Ecija

April 2, 2021 The Governor of the Province of Nueva Ecija has issued a province-wide request for prayer. Translation follows — Please join Pastor Gene Blailock, Steve Worden and others in praying with the Governor and our Filipino pamilya (families) in Nueva Ecija.If you want to...

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Bible Study

Would you like to go deeper in your understanding of the Word?  The Holy Spirit may be calling you to God’s work.

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Sunday Morning